Sun Sway

by Brachiosaurus

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released February 16, 2012

Brent + Andrew + Capricorn Mastering Studio



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Brachiosaurus San Diego, California

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Track Name: Calm
lay back and sink into the covers
and feel the dissipating colors
desaturate to a dreary grey
slowly the evening is turning over
eyes wide and held against their power
by a racing heart, and they obey
oh just to calm my head
now the hours bleed into each other
restless thoughts still wander
through imagery deep inside
a tree grown through violent waters
miles high, it sinks to the bottom
i gnash my teeth oh why can't i

that familiar feeling, oscillating sun sway, flickering glow
Track Name: Tangerine Seed
tangerine seed looking on
let a couple hours pile on and wait till
everyone is cleared out, trailed off and tragically
distracted by the streetlights
to leave me alone with my
tangerine seed
it’s not about the way we’ve come along
soil tilled, brought me up from the dark and i
mixed with the moisture that trickled down our shoulders
we are one, follow me,
watch what becomes my
tangerine seed
darling we’ve emerged as we’ve inclined
[amongst the] yawning release of the sky
born through the covering of crackling leaves
spreading towards the heat
the color of the calm blanketing
all of us below, capturing scenes like
chemicals on paper, just like we will remember
when we recede. follow me, watch what becomes my
tangerine seed
darling I hear days become nights
and freezing winds leave withered ones behind
and there’s a sound deep in the soil
that grows
and spreads to our souls
lay your ears to the ground, lay them down
when we hear the sound
Track Name: Sun Sway
sun sway
fervently call
our souls to the clouds
Track Name: Fall to Me
rigid air blows, crows call, and I am alone.
with the notion that it’s not so
walking through lines of dirt we carved with the soles of our shoes
to the only freedom that we knew
tangerine seed, fall to me
tangerine seed fall
oh release, flooding rain, flow. open the sky
show me that I can open as wide
all the coats and umbrellas, i don’t know why we hide
from the truth so lovely, but we try
tangerine seed fall to me
tangerine seed fall
Track Name: Unwinding
see how we’ve come untied,
stretching outward toward the sky
evenly undone, blocking out the sun.
lay down empty and bare
and breathe in reason old as this despair
reworded and prepared
recirculated air, a new way to be nowhere

between something we hadn't seen coming
and now i'm at the mercy
don't let it go i'm dying to let you know that
this ain't nothing that can't be turned around
the northwest winter is lifting her cover
Track Name: Copper in the Bark
where are you going to
i feel you growing further away from me
love, like a tree sewing roots
braided branches, flowing arms
and we are copper in the bark

leave a light on at night in your room
where i dissolve back to the air within the walls

hover like a glowing moon
hanging above us, peering longingly
flashes of color
vivid and covered
my vision of her
over and over
Track Name: To Paint Silence
clean paper stares into my eyes
in this old house where we reside.
beneath a cold flickering light,
those fleeting thoughts remain inside.
i need You, You need me too
to paint silence in this old room.

with every Move and every Word,
with every Moment that has returned,
They breathe a breath of life inside
the nose of those empty words,
They hit the back of my eye, like the light
of stars as dead as dirt.

my vision of Her,
the glare of daybreak so bold,
through willow, soaked leaves,
into strands of gold
my vision of Her,
the fertile soil beneath,
i am a single
starving seed.
my vision of Her,
reborn with every dream,
swims through my bloodstream
my vision of Her,
waves of colors so bright
that break on the canvas
of silent nights
Track Name: Stay Asleep
wake up

it still is dark
we walk outside, drawn by pouring alms
starving hearts stain our jeans on the ground
shout upward, hand in hand
our voices crawl and twist like vines.
entranced, the birds fly in circles and
leaves float back up to their branch

wake up

she colors our shadows
the hues that we dreamed but will never know
they live on tips of tongues too slow
all while we block out her face
though she's half gone, we love her all the same
and in two weeks she will be whole again

i am swimming in my cold skin
you covered me in
the world reverberates our still blood
wake up wake up
but with no reason and no cause
to wake up wake up
Track Name: Alarm
hold your arms
outward toward the point where all things converge
then depart
like a dying star
bursting with tapestries of it's final light
in your palm
on and on

now sound alarm
crooked breaths through a million trumpets in your heart
they ring out
and the sky will fall
pouring piano keys and ink on us all
on and on

i recall this scene
soon the wind will blow the sea over us all
take my hand we'll stay dry
i'll show you how
plant your feet in the sand
close your eyes and hold out your other hand
we will send waves back to the ocean now
Track Name: Cover Up
cover up my love, it's cold
the weather has turned on us.
their overcasting skies block the sun
and starve you of its warmth

blood retreats from our fingers
and we feel the syncopated beats
fading, slowly

cover up my love, stay close
the northwest winter has come
frozen winds will roar through us
but never break our hold

darkness closes in from
the edge of our eyes,
there is no other way
than by your side
Track Name: Stranded Strangers
there's that curious feeling at my window
bringing me to lose my teeth
i recall the stranded strangers being my only dream
we will extend our hands
and dissolve in the sands of
endless, unwinding and lasting love
oh just to calm my head
pushed to shore
the fear that held me under
released for me to breathe with you
and i recall the stranded strangers being my only dream
oh just to calm my head

that familiar feeling, oscillating sun sway, flickering glow