by Brachiosaurus

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(free) 03:40


released July 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Brachiosaurus San Diego, California

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Track Name: Wallpaper
i remember colors
spilling through the windows
rolling in like water
flooding in my room
and i wondered where i had been
and cared if i should breathe in
or out, or in some rhythm
i wanted to live

but i always returned to the patterns of paper on my wall
i stare up from the floor, counting the hours while you're gone

now i don't think i want to die

and she said
don't you go believing
there is no distinction
at all
my heart is the real thing
i'll bleed to show your mind
is not lost

now i don't think i want to die

you were what i ached for
when i was away
Track Name: Streetlights
walking out in scattered light
yellow flickers in the night
faded guides with no design
the sidewalk empty as i had hoped for
huddle towards the warmth
the comfort of being alone

every word that we shape to say
is hovering
to unfold and
to decay
and i envy all of their days,
at ease in the dirt
where we let them lay

picture painted in a frame
with odd, calculated shades,
of bodies flooding into empty space
golden hands, and emerald eyes,
their blurry speech in salty white
an image i use through the night
(every move is the same
at a predetermined pace
it's always the same)

walking out from a roaring sea
and pulling again
i envy all of their days
at ease where they let their heads
Track Name: Bronze Blood
we have been falling so long
delicate as we are
catching the wind in our arms

carry us

and we have been trying so hard
to love what we would become
laid out in the sun, to crumble and spread ourselves out in the dust

bury us

modulate with me
to the weather's key
with our dirt heart and laurel eyes

now we watch them growing
typewriters from the rust
to bury in ink the bronze in our blood

let it run

and morning is a hunter
fanning over the frost
keep beneath the flowers, and hide for hours from her sprawl

bury us

modulate with me
to the weather's key
Track Name: The Soil and the Pines
warm rain of summer
fall and wash away the colour
and shake the dirt from my eyes
staring out to the skyline
where i once flew by
and watched below as life revived

we sing with the soil and the pines,
"keep your dream winding to the center"
and dance with the peat and the rinds,
"keep your head hovering in the weather"
how simple how we shift our incline,
"keep your heart running when the end comes"
when compasses and clocks are aligned.
"keep your eyes turning to the summer"

i feel a hunger
burning up from under
my skin and from behind my eyes
warm song of summer
spreading and uncovering
all the joy we've tried to hide

i am only hunger